making space...

organizing your closet

    Items you hate are not to be confused with pieces you simply do not know how to wear. 

Only hold onto items that you love. Always and forever, this is the rule of thumb. In life. In general. It makes things far less complicated.  

  • Take all that stuff you hate and put it to the side... Unless it has holes/pilling, don't do anything with what you weed out until I've looked over it.  You may have a gem that you just don't know what to do with.

  • I'll go through your stuff and tell you what I think should go, stay, be consigned or altered.  For all of your alteration needs, I will make notes on how I think it should be altered.

  • With what we have left over, I will make a look book for you, as well as a skeletal outline of pieces that you (may) need to add to complete your looks. Sending specific pieces, brands, sizes, etc. will be counted as an online shopping package. 

real style is never right or wrong. it’s a matter of being yourself on purpose.
— g. bruce boyer