Lillian handles a variety of personal styling needs, from wardrobe editing, virtual styling, accessorizing and styling bridal parties to coordinating ensembles for photo shoots, packing for trips and providing your club or business with an action-packed Stylish Empowerment seminar. Looking to build your personal brand? Lillian is an experienced brand-builder, as well. 


personal branding

Identifying your brand's voice, aesthetic, profile and message are at the heart of becoming successful in what you do. Having gone through the creative process of building a brand from scratch at age twenty-three, Lillian now thrives on helping fellow-entrepreneurs curate spectacularly unique and meaningful brands, themselves. 


Objectives, pricing and packages are different for branding services than personal styling. Email Lillian for pricing structure.

Giftable Style


Give the gift of an empowering experience, Give the Gift of Style. Drag this image to your desk top, send it to your loved one! Email me the amount of time that you want to gift.

Styling Seminars

A pep talk and face lift for your office, club or team.  Lillian offers style tips and shopping advice to the people you have to look at every day!

Click here for previous "Stylish Empowerment" audiences.


Evaluate what you already have.  Sort through items that need alterations or belong in the give-away pile.  Take photos of each outfit for your look book. Re-assess what your wardrobe needs are moving forward.



Shopping Date

Based on your style, budget and your favorite brands, Lillian will meet with you at various places and work on expanding your wardrobe.  This, of course, also includes special event (reunions, weddings, galas) shopping.

Concierge Shopping

Lillian can shop for you at a variety of places and bring you a great handful of excellent choices.

Virtual Styling

Virtual Styling (Facetime) allows Lillian to answer your Style questions, coach you on why to purchase what and how to determine the value of what you want to add to your wardrobe, via video chat!  This is the perfect solution for those who have questions after an initial appointment, need  help finding a specific piece for an occasion or those who are not in Atlanta. This is not ideal for an initial wardrobe consultation.


Special events

You know those incredibly important events in your calendar that elicit both excitement and sheer terror as you stare into your closet wondering what will I wear?!  Whether it's a day, week or month-long occasion, Lillian can get you feeling snazzy for your grande celebration!

Weddings Parties -  Engagement Photos - Reunions - Birthdays (and any other anxiety-producing event)