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“For those of you that don't already know... Lillian Charles is a true gem. I am thankful to have worked with her and to have her as a source of inspiration. She helps friends and clients realize the excitement of their own potential. Whether it be in fitness, fashion or creating your own brand, Lillian works hard to bring out the female powerhouse in all of us. She exemplifies the “you can do anything” attitude and her light is contagious. 
Working with Lillian this past year has re-ignited my inner glow. She helped me focus on comfortable and chic wardrobe updates that compliment me and fit my lifestyle. She has lead by example, reminding me how much I love the strength of my own body. She has nudged me to find my unique voice while creating my personal brand. If you have the chance to work with Lillian, take it, you won't be disappointed!"

— Jennifer | D.c.
bridal + personal styling + brand development client

I have a closet full of clothes, but like most people I grab the same few pieces day after day ignoring the rest. Lillian quickly went through my closet, made suggestions as to what should stay and go, then proceeded to put outfits together that I would never have thought of. Best of all, she took photos so I have a reference gallery of outfits at all times. After our session she followed up with links to websites to purchase a few things to fill in my wardrobe. I highly recommend her services!

— Virginia | Myrtle Beach, SC
styling client

"In addition to being a loving confidante and friend, Lillian Gray Charles is a fierce fashionista!  When you throw in a touch of "Lils" fashion passion into a regular shopping trip - WOW - welcome to what life is supposed to be like in clothes!  Browsing the same stores I always visit, Lillian encouraged me to ditch my safe neutrals for fun pieces and integrate them into my basics.  She worked with me to create outfits that are fun, appropriate and classy (important for my government job).  I know for certain that I simply glow anytime I wear an outfit that Lillian has breathed inspiration into!

— Anne | d.c.
Styling client

"Lillian has shown me how my structure is strong and sexy and perfect for me. And then she demonstrated how to dress to accentuate, well, me. Lillian’s positive encouragement was a big turning point because it began a new season of respecting, owning, and loving who I am and the body with which I have been gifted. Her words started to erase the toxic thoughts etched into my brain, and as we worked together, I began to write a new script filled with words rooted in acceptance, patience, and a whole lot of grace."


"Working with Lillian meant so much more to me than getting new clothes. She has a brilliant way of using clothes and personal style to not only boost your confidence walking into any room but also make you realize that confidence lived within you all along, regardless of your outfit."


"A Brand Development session with Lillian is just as much inner work as it is outer work, with self-worth being the major theme. She asked me the tough questions to bring my unique and authentic self to the forefront, and gave me the tools to share my message in a way the world will hear it. Lillian is as real as they come and her passion for this work beams out every inch of her. Do not hesitate in booking a session with her--whether in Style Therapy or Brand Development--I promise you will leave the meeting feeling empowered and buzzing with excitement!"

— quinn | ATLANTA
brand development + personal STYLING CLIENT

Lillian is amazing in so many ways! Over the past few years, my love for clothes has grown but not necessarily my knowledge of how to put them together in a flattering way. I live in a smaller town without in-person access to brands/stores I love the most. Then I met Lillian at a work event for General Electric -- she was our speaker -- and I knew I needed her. We spent a few hours tearing apart my closet in an outrageously fun and funny manner and I learned exactly what my body needed and needs. If you are hesitant to use a stylist because it sounds "fluffy" or like it's too much money, I urge you to reconsider. It is none of those things. I have loved working with Lillian and will continue to do so in the future." 

— lauren | charlotte, nc
styling client

"Lillian just lives and breathes for this work. Amazing, natural, I can use her to shape up my closet, shop for new items or pack for a trip any time. And she lets me be my own style... with style!"

— Cara | atlanta, ga
styling + personal branding client

"I have a very distinct style that transcends my casual and work attire.  Lillian not only took my personal style and boosted my clothing confidence, she combined pieces I would never have thought to wear together to create a whole new wardrobe out of clothes I already have.  I would recommend her to anyone as she has an ability to work within your own comfort level and make every piece of clothing count.  A wonderful and amazing experience, my wardrobe and outlook on dressing has been positively changed forever and I cannot thank Lillian enough!"

— mary | atlanta, ga
styling client

“This morning Lillian Charles, stylist and closet tamer, took me shopping through my closet. After mixing and matching, trying on and discovering “new” classics that fit again. We whittled two closets down to one with year round options! Lillian is amazing!”

— claire | augusta, ga
styling client