I’m here to guide you in a transformation from the inside out. Join me for an inspiring, tail-feather-shakin’ party on a bike!
— Lillian
Cyc (as pronounced in cycling) is a high- energy, music-driven, indoor cycling studio, where riders can burn up to 800 calories per 45-minute class.
— cyc fitness

Once you know the natural highs and endorphins that your body can create on its own through rigorous physical activity, there's no going back to a stagnant or even non-fitness-focused lifestyle. In 2014 Cara Weaver, my dear friend and fellow cycling instructor, encouraged me to give instructing a shot, knowing that a huge part of my life was already dedicated to fitness and healthy living. Right about that time a new indoor cycling studio was about to open...

Cyc Fitness was created by Under Armour sponsored athlete Keoni Hudoba as a method to work the entire body, the whole time. Becoming a "Cycologist" has brought me so much joy and has lead me to meet loads of amazing athletes in the Atlanta area. I hope you will hop on a bike with me in the studio, where you will be encouraged, challenged and transformed from the inside out. Book your bike, here.