It never hurts to ask!

my goal is to reach any and every woman who wishes to find her true sense of personal style.
— Lillian


  • "I'm a size __, do you work with women my size?" ... "I'm __ years old, do you work with women my age?"
    • I work with women sizes double zero to plus-size 24, ages eleven to ninety-one.  
      I work with moms, college students, lawyers, doctors, women in non-profits, athletes, engineers and any other "type" of woman you can think of.  
      Let's work together!
  • "I'm sure you've never seen a closet so bare -- or conversely, so full -- as mine."
    • Try me...
  • "Who took the photographs on your website?"

    • Arnel Hasanovic is the magician behind many of my blogpost photos and photos you will see see on my Instagram; he's an Atlanta resident!
    • Ann Parks Photography is the classy lady behind some of my portrait shots (and has a remarkable portraiture business!) 
    • Alan Matthews is responsible for the two photographs on my homepage, he lives in Birmingham.  
    • The images of me in my Westside loft (photos on this page) were captured by Jessica Castro. She now lives in Los Angeles.
  • "Can you help me with my hair and make up?"
  • "Who created your website, logo, newsletter, etc?"
    • I'm mostly self-taught!  An online strategist helped me organize the website but I "built it" myself.  I drew and watercolored my logo before having a graphic designer put it into image form.  
    • All video-editing, newsletters and social media initiatives are created by me. Ask me for rates on helping you with your small business branding and social media initiatives.
  • "I need to prepare my closet before you come over... what should I do?"
  • "Do you offer gift cards for your Styling services?"
  • "I need an item for a silent auction (or raffle), would you like to do be my 'item'?" 
    • This is something I am constantly asked, year-round. While I so appreciate the sentiment behind the request, I give back to the community in other ways that do not involve offering free sessions. 
  • "How long does the initial in-home Styling appointment take? 
    • Typically 2-3 hours, but never more because I'll be too hungry to keep going after that long!
  • "How should I go about paying you?"
    • Personal checks made to LILLIAN CHARLES -- ask for mailing address.
    • Paypal -- add 5%
    • Venmo -- preferred method of payment.

Have more questions?  Let's chat!