style therapy


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How long does an initial
styling consultation take?

Typically 2-3 hours, but never more because I'll be too hungry to keep going after that long!

"Can you help me with my hair and make up?"

Trust me, you do NOT want me to do your hair…
Click here for information regarding my amazing Care Team!

"Who created your website, logo, newsletter, etc?"

All video-editing, newsletters and social media initiatives are created by me. 

I can help you with similar tasks: small business branding and social media initiatives.

Ashton Songer Photos took all of the photos of my brother and me in Kit & Ace clothes. She now lives in Denver.

I have also worked with the following Atlanta-based photographers:
Arnel Hasanovic the magician behind many of my blogpost photos and photos you will see see on my Instagram;
Nunnally Rawson Photography
Leah Roth Photography

lululemon-related photos were taken by Ross Oscar Knight

"Who took the photographs
on your website?" 

I work with women sizes double zero to plus-size 24, ages nine to ninety-four.  

I work with moms, college students, lawyers, doctors, women in non-profits, athletes, engineers and any other "type" of woman you can think of.  

I do work with men, but only on referral.

"I'm a size __, do you work with women my size?" 

"I'm __ years old, do you work with women my age?"

This is something I am asked year-round!

While I so appreciate the sentiment behind the request, I enjoy giving back to the Atlanta non-profits that are near and dear to my heart in ways that do not involve donating services.

"I need an item for a silent auction
(or raffle), would you like to
be an 'item' for my fundraiser?" 

Personal checks made to LILLIAN CHARLES -- ask for mailing address.

Paypal -- add 5% to total invoice.

Venmo -- preferred method of payment.


"How should I go about paying you?